Here, audio experts at KEF reveal how subwoofers are the missing puzzle piece required in order to elevate an audio setup. 

For centuries, music has evoked a wide range of feelings and emotions in people. While musical experiences are often subjective, many aspects of music resonate universally with individuals, creating similar emotional responses.

From music tracks to film scores, when music enters the human ear, it triggers activity across various brain regions, including the auditory cortex, left parietal cortex, left frontal cortex, right cerebellum, and even the visual cortex. 

This deep involvement with music triggers the release of dopamine, starting the process of feeling emotions and understanding.

While a quality HiFi speaker setup can reveal the intricacies of audio, they can fall short in reproducing low frequencies; the deep, powerful bass that’s a vital foundation of any musical landscape. Even in sounds we do not normally audibly acknowledge, the human body is able to perceive them and they add to our overall audio experience. 

Subwoofers are capable of delivering low frequencies and breathe life into the bass of music, movies, and games. The result? An immersive depth of sound that resonates through the room, stirring emotions and intensifying cinematic experiences.

While HiFi speaker setups provide good sound quality, adding a subwoofer introduces a new dimension of emotional depth. 

“HiFi speaker setups can provide the listener with a fantastic soundscape and perception of the stereo field, which is where sounds can be placed horizontally from left to right or across the entire field simultaneously. However, adding a subwoofer to your set-up introduces a new dimension of emotional depth,” said Sarah Yule, General Manager at KEF.

The experts at KEF reveal four ways that subwoofers enhance your emotional connection to films:

1. Immersive listening: Subwoofers bring the bass to life with frequencies between 20 and 200 Hz, immersing listeners in a depth of sound that resonates through the room.

2. Emotional connection: HiFi speakers offer quality, but subwoofers add emotional depth. Each rumble and thud creates a palpable atmosphere, forging connections that linger long after the credits roll.

3. Sensory experience: With a subwoofer, listeners don’t just hear the film – they feel it. Music hums and dialogue resonates, evoking emotions from exhilaration to contemplation.

4. Authentic reproduction: Subwoofers faithfully reproduce the director’s vision from spine-tingling effects to heart-rending scores. With each beat, they elevate the emotional stakes, drawing listeners deeper into the narrative.

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