New for 2015 is Antiference’s Mountsure Premier TV wall bracket range, offering new and what the company says are unique solutions for smart TV wall mounting, including an ultra slim smart full motion range for solid and stud wall fixing and a counterbalance range for vertical adjustment in addition to full swing arm motion.

The slim smart range of brackets are specifically designed for mounting a smart TV as they have easy motion and are lightweight in design.

The range has two VESA sizes to accommodate most TV sets and for TV sizes from 32in there is a 400×400 sized mount.

For larger smart TVs there is a 600×400 VESA mounting for up to 60in sets.

All mounts can accommodate up to 30kg. For internal drywall installations a ‘stud fit’ compatible TV mount is available in both sizes and has be specifically designed to be mounted on a standard width stud wall.

All brackets in the ‘slim smart’ range have twin double cantilever swing arms and tilt adjustment and when the TV is folded away it sits just 34mm from the wall.

The counterbalance range of wall mounts is designed to offer a new approach to TV wall mounting for multi-purpose installations.

With VESA sizes from 200×200 up to 400×400,

TV sets up to 50in can be accommodated if required.

Sets weighing up to 20kg are compatible with this range and all mounts have a swing arm and tilt adjustment for full motion action, giving the user complete control.

In addition, all brackets in this range feature a vertical adjustment setting so the TV can be moved up and down whenever the user requires.

Once the TV is mounted to the bracket on the wall, the internal tension settings are adjusted within the product to match the weight of the TV set.

Once this is complete the TV can be moved up or down giving the user ultimate control of the position of the TV.

A cable management solution is included in the arm of the bracket to minimise the visual impact of any cabling when the bracket is in use, providing a professional neat and tidy finish.

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