Gefen’s latest matrix controller promises an easy way to detect, configure and control Gefen HDMI, DVI and VGA over IP products via a user-friendly web interface.

It discovers all Gefen sender and receiver units on a Local Area Network and assigns IP addresses to each one.

Once senders and receivers are configured, it controls the routing of AV signals using the same functionality as a traditional cross-point matrix, but without the need for traditional AV cables.

AV is distributed over the LAN using a network switch, offering flexibility in source and display placement, as well as scalability and ease of expansion.

In addition to simplifying AV routing, the matrix controller features two IP ports that provide independent levels of access and control for administrators and end-users, providing an unprecedented level of functionality that makes this product a natural choice for large distribution systems in mission-critical applications.

The matrix controller’s user interface is accessible through any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Among other features, it eliminates the previously challenging situation of locating a device amidst a sea of IP addresses. 

In addition to its intuitive web interface, other control options include front-panel buttons, an IR remote, Telnet and UDP.

The matrix controller can be placed within reach for direct user interaction or hidden away in an equipment closet.

Its flexible installation options include stand-alone table-top placement and rack mounting, and the ability to receive Power Over Ethernet (POE) or be powered from a dedicated DC power supply.

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