Panasonic’s projection system was chosen to power the world’s largest permanent projection mapping display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. 

Certified by Guinness World Records as the largest architectural projection-mapped display (permanent), the system will decorate the building with diverse content programming to revitalise the nighttime economy.

In recent years, adorning urban structures with projection-mapped content has become a popular way to enhance tourism value after dark. Now a familiar sight for foreign and domestic tourists, local people and children, these attractions reflect the rising demand for immersive entertainment. 

As the emotive power of projected content continuously advances, a need for sophisticated visual equipment with greater expressive power has emerged. This has resulted in increasingly complex installation, adjustment, and management workflows, exacerbated by a shortage of specialist labour, hindering efficiency.

To address these challenges, Panasonic’s AcroSign digital signage solution was chosen to power the world’s largest permanent projection mapping display on the exterior of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, along with high-brightness Panasonic projectors and an immersive sound system. 

The projection mapping system, centrally managed by AcroSign, allows for cloud-based remote management and content updates. Panasonic’s Remote Managed Service also enables system status monitoring from off-site locations, contributing to streamlined management and maintenance.

The AcroSign-based content management system allows personnel to manage and update the entertainment program without physically visiting the site. Additionally, Remotely Managed Service enables remote equipment status checks and live projection monitoring via camera, streamlining system monitoring, management and maintenance.

Twenty Panasonic PT-RQ50Ks and 20 PT-RZ34K projectors deliver clear, bright and immersive visuals over a vast area. Synchronised audio from a RAMSA sound system further heightens the sense of immersion.

Specially developed projector bodies feature enhanced dust, water, and vibration resistance to ensure stable and secure long-term operation in outdoor environments.

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