Control4 Works Its Magic On Yorkshire Home

Having completed a home automation overhaul for a client’s holiday home six years ago, Cumbria-based Majik House was recently contacted for its most recent project.

“He wanted a full update to the latest spec and more like the holiday home we completed for him six years earlier,” reflects Tim Burrow, founder of Majik House.

“He said when he was leaving the holiday home he was always aware that he would be disappointed with the technology back at his main home!”

Majik House prides itself in offering the best products to suit the brief, client ideals, budgets and reliability in all its installations, with reliability and simple operation always at the top of its criteria list.

“Quality of sound, picture and functionality all come above price,” says Tim. “We do, however, then have to work to budgets.”

For the client’s home in Yorkshire, Majik House opted for a completely integrated and seamless lighting design throughout the property and gardens, including the driveway, down to a new set of electric entry gates.

The Gear

The house now boasts Control4 integrated panelised lighting control throughout with 96 circuits and over 40 keypads – all custom configured and engraved to the client’s requests.

The home’s music is through a total of 14 zones through Monitor Audio CWT 180 and  CT 380-IDC speakers, with 4K video distribution via a Control4 matrix switch to eight rooms for eight sources, with integrated Control4 matrices and Sonos throughout.

Moving onto the cinema room, this boasts an Arcam AVR850 Dirac tunes Dolby Atmos Receiver, a full 4K Epson LS10000 laser projector with an Impact Screen Solutions screen. A 5.1 Monitor Audio speaker system comprising three CT 380-IDCs and two CT 380FXs) with Velodyne subwoofers are controlled via Control4.

“This project in particular had a very strong architectural design and build team – not in all cases suiting the requirements of the clients, so in many instances our designs had to satisfy and achieve approval from many viewpoints,” Tim admits.

“On completion and with extremely positive and rewarding feedback from not only the client but also those responsible for all structural items, we can rest assured in ticking all the boxes. Our support plan will be deployed for maintenance on a planned scheme on this home, as with the holiday home.”

Despite the positive outcome, this project was not without its challenges.

“Every project with a new team presents challenges,” Tim nods. “All revolve around the unknown and basically are all overcome with the correct communication. We meet, discuss, document and draw each and every decision that is made. We then circulate and involve and include everyone relevant to those decisions, then checking receipts and understanding – this way no one has any surprises or is not clear for what they are responsible. This project completed on time, on budget and all are delighted with the finished synergy.”

Tim says that his favourite part of the install is the outside lighting and the look of the house from the gardens. “It looks simply stunning! As for the client, without a moment’s thought they said it is the main lounge cinema system – they use it daily.”

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