Artcoustic’s Installation of the Month: Smartcomm’s High-End Entertainment Space

Artcoustic’s installation of the month in December is an impressive project from Smartcomm. The project centred around transforming a family’s entertaining area from being drab to being fab.

This open entertainment space includes a well-stocked bar, with TVs and a pool table. The cinema uses Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8s for LCR, together with two Spitfire Control 3 subs, and Architect SL 4-2s in the ceiling for the rears.

This project was also recognised in this year’s EMEA CEDIA Awards as a finalist in the ‘Best Integrated Home – Level III – £240K-£360K’ category.

Spitfire 16-8

The Spitfire 16-8 is used behind the acoustically transparent screen and is capable of delivering good dynamic range. 101 dB sensitivity means that 105 dB (plus headroom) is easily achievable in this room, and with very little power. This model will play 105 dB at 5m distance with just 65 W of power!

Spitfire Control 3 Subwoofer

The Spitfire Control 3 is ideal for high performance cinema systems, with a good transient response and control below 20Hz. Crucially, the form factor is practical, allowing for easy and discrete installation.

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