Artcoustic’s Installation of the Month: Rayleigh HiFi Transforms Wine Cellar Into Home Cinema

Challenged with a very unusual room, an unused part of a wine cellar beneath the house, the team at Rayleigh HiFi managed to design and install a home cinema system for the clients.

The budget was quite tight to achieve this room, but using the Artcoustic HSPL Soundbar as an all-in-one LCR, together with Target SL and an Impact 1 SL subwoofer, the client now enjoys their very own home cinema system.

The Artcoustic HSPL Soundbar sits just below the screen when in use, delivering left, centre and right channels from this single speaker. When the system is no longer in use, the screen disappears into the ceiling mounted case, retaining the original feel of this wine cellar.

HSPL Soundbar SL

Artcoustic pioneered the concept of an all-in-one LCR (Left, Centre and Right) Soundbar as far back as 1998.

The HSPL Soundbar SL is a high sound pressure level version of the Artcoustic Multi Soundbar SL and has been specially designed and engineered for large format LED and none-perforated projection screens and in general for application where very high sound pressure levels are required. It matches the larger Artcoustic speaker models, such as the SL 12-6 and the SL 24-12.

As well as the Multi Soundbar SL, the HSPL version can be used as a single LCR loudspeaker, or for more powerful systems used as a single mono centre channel.

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