Artcoustic’s Installation of the Month for September 2018 comes from Sona, a custom installation firm based in leafy Cheshire. This installation isn’t your standard run of the mill install, however, and that’s evident from the fact that it was recently shortlisted for ‘Best Home Cinema’ at the 2018 CEDIA Awards.

As part of the brief, Sona was asked by the client to create a dedicated home cinema as part of a whole home install. The basement was completely empty, with bare brick walls and ceilings, and the family hoped that Sona could transform it into a private getaway where they could watch the latest movies and TV shows.

Key to the whole project was the audio, with a 13-channel Dolby Atmos system being installed. This immersive system utilised Artcoustic speakers which had 4000W of amplifier power. The speakers themselves were hidden behind acoustically transparent movie posters; these were produced by Artcoustic’s digital printing service, enabling Sona to hide the speakers with something more aesthetically pleasing than black fabric.

The entire cinema was designed on computers before the installation took place, this allowed Sona’s designer to accurately position all the speakers and carry out other calculation, such as ensuring the viewing distance to the screen is comfortable and specification for the projector lens.

It’s even easy to control the home cinema, thanks to a custom-made user interface and a handheld remote. Guests simply have to press a single button to select the source they would like to enjoy, and the system automatically configures the room around them, activating the audio and video equipment, whilst simultaneously dimming the lighting and adjusting the projection screen.

A Kaleidescape movie server allows the family to download and enjoy the latest films in the highest possible audio and video quality, presented through an on-screen interface that automatically groups content based on genre, actor, director and other information, and provides instant playback of a film.

It’s no surprise that this home cinema has been so well-received by both the clients and the installation community. In fact, not only was this home cinema a huge success, but it was also part of a bigger installation that went on to win best Integrated Home £230,000 – £340,000 at the 2018 CEDIA Awards.  

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