Limited Space has deployed Absen’s A2719 LED, part of the ACCLAIM series, to facilitate a digital transformation at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, the city’s largest shopping experience.

Partnering with EcoVista, a specialist in sustainable digital signage solutions, Limited Space offers brands a platform to craft and distribute aspirational and engaging content to its audiences. 

Therefore, the company knew the importance of ensuring that its key digital spaces, such as the Bullring site, incorporate the latest technology capable of delivering visual brilliance to maintain appeal to advertisers. 

The A2719 features high brightness, contrast and high colour accuracy, to deliver the visuals, as well as seamless integration capability which offers an ideal platform for brands to tell stories and connect with customers in a captivating way. 

The image quality and vibrant colours allows organisations to craft engaging content that grabs the attention, drives results and fosters memorable brand experiences.

“Our commitment is to provide media owners with the latest technology to showcase their brands in the best possible light,” explains David Neale, Managing Partner at EcoVista. “Absen’s A2719 offered the perfect solution, combining exceptional visual detail with ease of installation, making it a clear winner for this project.”

EcoVista’s expertise went beyond simply installing the new screens. They designed and built a custom enclosure, ensuring seamless integration with the existing infrastructure while transforming the LED into an interactive experience that further enhances the impact of the displayed content. 

This demonstrates EcoVista’s commitment to providing clients with not just technology, but a complete turnkey solution that elevates the customer experience.

“The project’s tight deadline demanded a smooth and efficient execution,” adds David, highlighting the importance of efficient project management. “The adaptability of the Absen A2719 was instrumental in meeting these constraints. It allowed us to make a smooth transition to the new screens, minimising downtime and ensuring a seamless experience for shoppers.”

In total, EcoVista replaced two existing LCD sites within the Bullring and Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, with 165-inch Absen LED screens. The A2719 provides the ideal viewing experience for close-up advertising within a retail environment, with high refresh rate and contrast ratio to support its ability to produce excellent picture and video quality ensuring true to content results.

“It’s great to be involved in a project like this with EcoVista, supporting them to implement a more advanced and captivating form of digital signage. By combining innovative technology, strategic planning, and efficient execution, EcoVista has enabled its clients to continue to deliver impactful advertising experiences, while staying ahead in the competitive retail landscape,” concludes Ross Burling, European Industry Development Director OOH & Sports for Absen.

The successful collaboration between EcoVista and Absen has resulted in a significant upgrade for Limited Space’s digital advertising offering. The high-resolution Absen LED screens provide brands with a powerful platform to engage customers, tell their stories in a captivating way, and stay ahead of the competition. 

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