Savant, in partnership with architectural lighting manufacturer, USAI Lighting, has introduced lighting control functionality called Daylight Mode that can align lighting schemes to match the natural circadian progression based on time-of-day. Designed to promote healthy living, Daylight Mode can be personalised by each user to suit individual lifestyle and situational changes.

Savant Daylight Mode is available now, and relies on the Savant App to suggest a circadian curve based upon scientific data that highlights time-of-day settings for colour temperature and lighting intensity shifts seamlessly throughout the progression of each day. The Savant app intelligently adjusts for related factors such as geography, time zone and season. 

Beyond the scientific defaults, users can personalise their lighting experience by adjusting timing, intensity and colour temperature settings to suit their daily habits. Users can turn on and off Daylight Mode in specific rooms of the home from within the Savant App, plus have keypad buttons to instantly override circadian settings for specific task lighting, entertainment settings and more. 

Savant’s Daylight Mode is most effective when used in combination with advanced tunable white LED lighting or WRGB fixtures that have dynamic colour temperature capabilities, such as USAI Lighting’s recessed fixtures that feature the company’s Colour Select or Infinite Colour+ technology. Savant’s Daylight Mode also supports fixtures within the home that are not dynamic, precisely dimming the intensity of each fixture in sync with the tunable LED lighting.

“The tremendous technology advances in lighting allow for control and automation companies like Savant to deliver dynamic lighting control far beyond the traditional on/off/dim commands,” explains Angela Larson, Sr. VP of Customer Operations. “Integrators, as technology consultants to the home, can now differentiate their proposals by offering wellness as a fundamental component of the Savant intelligent home.”

Any Savant Scene can include Daylight Mode settings, providing users with instant access at the touch of a button. As the homeowner recalls a kitchen scene at 10 AM, it will command the lighting to come on that intensity and cool colour temperature aligned with that time of day. The same Savant Scene activated at 8PM will result in lighting settings that are in accordance with the evening hours, maintaining circadian rhythm and a healthier cycle. 

Daylight Mode can be easily overridden as needed for specific tasks, events or mood lighting. Savant does this all simply and automatically.

In order to support these advanced features, Savant has created a lighting and energy education space within the Savant Experience Centre.

“The combination of Savant and USAI Lighting’s advanced controls and lighting technology provides an intuitive way for homeowners to experience the power of personalised lighting – light that is as dynamic and ever-changing as we are,” adds Bonnie Littman, President and CEO of USAI Lighting. “For the first time ever, homeowners can curate their lighting for any activity, whether it’s for better living, working or playing, and we are thrilled to partner with Savant, bringing this experience to the market in a high quality and meaningful way.”

Savant will be at ISE on booth 5-T130.

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