Karma AV has announced the free availability of a room correction app for System Audio’s WiSA enabled Silverback active speakers. 

Room furniture, floors and walls reflect and colour the sound from a music system before it reaches your ears. This reality applies to systems of every size and quality, which explains why room correction is possibly the most effective system upgrade you can make, says Karma AV.

Until now the challenge of correcting room acoustics has been difficult and expensive to achieve, but advances in digital technology are making it possible to compensate for the room by changing the response of the speakers within it from an easy smartphone application.  

Every room has its own Schröder frequency (usually between 250 and 300Hz) at which the space is no longer dominated by well-defined room modes but instead produces what is known as a ‘diffuse field of propagation’. 

System Audio’s fast and free-of-charge Room Service app for iPhone 6S and up, offers owners of SA Silverback systems the ability to correct for their room’s response below the Schröder frequency. At the same time, the app will capture high frequency data as well, in order to calculate a smooth alignment of low and high frequency output within the room.

The Room Service app harnesses the power of the CPU inside the smartphone to perform the task of mapping and correcting room acoustics in as little as 60 seconds. No cloud connection or PC is involved and only one measurement is necessary. The app saves the measurement to System Audio’s Stereo Hub wireless controller, which then automatically adjusts the output from all connected sources. 

When used together, System Audio’s Room Service app and Stereo Hub will allow owners of SA Silverback wireless speaker systems the dual convenience of content control over multiple streaming services combined with the opportunity to optimise room acoustics from the same smartphone. The manufacturer says that an Android version is planned. 

Download System Audio’s Room Service app here.

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