Screen Innovations has added a Short Throw Lift motorised screen solution to its range of assemblies and materials, addressing the growing need for large but discreet displays in smaller media rooms and corporate boardrooms. 

Unlike traditional projection systems that require ample distance from the projector to the screen or work best in dark rooms, the pop-up laser TV sits just inches from a short-throw projector. 

SI has paired the Short Throw Lift with its 120-inch ambient light rejecting screen (a 110-inch ALR screen is also available) for a complete turnkey laser TV system that combats glare from artificial and natural lighting to deliver a bright, crisp, well-defined image. 

Viewers can sit wherever they like—a 12-foot seating distance is recommended—without casting shadows on the screen. This makes the Short Throw Lift particularly useful for gaming, business presentations and videoconferencing.

The Short Throw Lift also blends in with the room design. The laser TV rolls quietly and smoothly into the base of the unit and is concealed by a trap door when it’s not in use. The base can stand alone, be integrated into cabinetry, mounted to the wall, or tucked beneath the floor. Control options include a 12-volt trigger, infrared or SI’s new wireless Sub-Gig 485 RF transceiver, Pegasus. 

“The big-screen experience has evolved dramatically over the past few years, transforming from a dark room where only movies are enjoyed to a multimedia experience that invites us to gather as a family and with friends to play video games, connect with others via Zoom, or simply watch TV together,” says SI Screen Evangelist Blake Vackar.

“People still want a big screen experience but may not have the room design for a long-throw projector. Our Short Throw Lift gives integrators a great alternative to this common installation challenge. The lift is easy to integrate into any viewing environment, features our best ALR screen, and delivers stunning images up to 8K resolution.” 

Integrators can pair the Short Throw Lift with an SI ALR screen or their favourite short-throw or ultra-short-throw laser projector. Hidden handles enable the unit to be easily positioned according to the projector, viewing and space requirements. 

To learn more about SI’s Short Throw Lift and laser TV system, click here.

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