Invision is now distributing SATEL’s new range of Grade 2 and Grade 3 certified Slim Line PIR and dual-tech motion detectors. Designed to save installers both time and money, the new motion detectors are easy to fit, use and upgrade. 

The detectors feature dynamic compensation for a room’s temperature, as well as immunity to RF interference and a modern detection algorithm – making them highly resistant to false alarms. 

Key features include easy installation, all models have a self-locking screwless cover, so there is less fiddling with screws, making it simple and fast to close the detectors, especially at the top of a ladder, while a plug-in terminal block makes it quicker to terminate field cabling inside the detector and easy to remove the PCB without unscrewing any terminals. 

Sensitivity can be adjusted remotely with a key fob, ensuring there is no more fiddling with toggles and screwdrivers. The installer/user can now simply walk around the property with a key fob and press buttons to adjust sensitivity in each zone. 

The built-in resistors guarantee there is no longer a need for installers to spend a lot of time twisting together dozens of resistors and push them into little terminal blocks. Now they can just change the jumpers to alter the resistance. 

All models have an interchangeable tool-less PCB. This means that the detector type can be simply upgraded by swapping PCBs without the need for removing the unit from the wall. 

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