Invision is now shipping DoorBird’s new IP Video Door Station D1101V – the smallest model in the DoorBird product series. It is compact, wi-fi-enabled and the ideal solution for single-family homes. 

Two angle adapters which were specifically developed for the DoorBird D1101V Surface-Mount allow the door station to be mounted at vertical and horizontal angles. The adapters can significantly improve the detection angle and motion recognition in case of difficult installation conditions.

To use, the DoorBird IP Video Door Station is connected to a smartphone, allowing the user to talk to a visitor – no matter where the user is. The IP Video Door Station can be used as a standalone unit or can be integrated into an existing Smart Home platform. Even existing classic installations such as a door chime or an electric door opener can still be used and controlled via the DoorBird App.

DoorBird D1101V is equipped with the following features:

⦁ Connection to the network via WiFi or network cable (PoE)

⦁ Full HD camera with 1080 Pixel with Sony Image Sensor

⦁ Integrated Bluetooth module enables keyless access

⦁ 4D Motion sensor for additional safety, configurable via the DoorBird App

⦁ Smart Home compatible, e.g. Control4, Loxone and Crestron

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