On display at the Habitech stand EI Live! 2021, a new Lutron Smart Blinds Sivoia range uses Natural Light Optimisation to automatically track the arc of the sun, maximising comfortable daylight throughout the day. Register for the show here.

Natural light can transform the look of a space and the way homeowners feel, so Lutron’s new range of Sivoia smart wood blinds, on display at Stand 17 EI Live!, uses an app-based Natural Light Optimisation feature to automatically tilt blinds according to preset angles throughout the day. 

During setup, the feature harnesses a smartphone’s built-in compass to determine the direction in which each window is facing. The system then uses its software to endow each blind with an ability to track the arc of the sun.

In this way, Natural Light Optimisation acts to reduce the intensity of light from the east as the sun rises while at the same time, blinds on all other sides of the home will shift to a ‘Max View’ position to optimise the natural light available. As the sun moves towards the west, Sivoia wood blinds adjust their tilt position to diffuse direct sunlight and maximise comfortable daylight in any space. And after dusk, all blinds tilt closed, providing privacy and the perfect atmosphere for evening relaxation.

Compatible with the RA2 Select system, the NLO feature will run on a schedule customised to each day, providing owners with the luxury of automation while avoiding the necessity for multiple manual adjustments. What’s more, Lutron’s intelligent technology protects floors, furniture, and artwork from harmful UV rays that can cause fading or discolouration.

Hand-crafted from North American basswood, and available in four painted and four stained finishes with a choice of valance styles, Lutron’s new Sivoia smart wood blinds will blend seamlessly with luxury interiors and offer the operational precision and quality that is the hallmark of the Lutron brand.


  • Natural Light Optimisation works with RA2 Select system
  • Easily enable NLO feature within the Lutron App
  • Add customised scenes/schedules within the Lutron App
  • Sivoia wood blinds are available in battery-powered, wired, or fully manual options
  • Industry-leading battery life (with standard off-the-shelf batteries)
  • Ultra-quiet motion
  • Integrate with voice control
  • Four painted finishes, four stained finishes, choice of valance styles
  • Sizes available as wide as 182.88cm and as tall as 182.88cm
  • Option to group blinds under one valance—up to 243.84cm wide
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