Snap One is shipping the newest Control4 handheld remote, the Halo Touch, to customers around the world. 

The new remote allows users to easily and reliably manage their Control4 system through a customisable 3.2-inch colour touchscreen with a new graphical interface, backlit buttons, push-to-talk voice control and dual-band WiFi support.

“When Control4 users want something changed immediately, especially relating to TVs or music, their best option is often a handheld remote that has always-on performance and offers one-touch access to volume and content controls,” says Eric Fritz, Director of Product Management, Control. “With the Halo Touch, users are treated to a premium experience that offers all the latest control methods including voice commands and a bright, easy-to-use touchscreen.”

Another advantage of the Halo Touch is its machined aluminium construction, which ensures long-lasting performance and provides added durability.

Fritz continues: “Featuring in-demand capabilities such as voice integration with leading services like Apple TV and Xfinity, and improved lighting control including full colour customization, these remotes enhance user satisfaction and provide Partners with a valuable upsell opportunity for both existing and new projects.”

Snap One solicited input from Partners to design the new Control4 Halo remotes, adding new features and upgraded technologies while maintaining the sleek aesthetic of the company’s coveted Neeo Remote. 

Both remotes include backlit buttons for transport controls, user interface functions, and a machined aluminium DPad. Halo Touch includes easy access to OS3 favorites for easy access to Media Content, Comfort Controls, Lighting Scenes, and other experiences.

“All of the new features and capabilities offer a more intelligent remote control that enables simple media browsing and full control of devices, scenes and automations for AV, lighting, and other programming,” Fritz adds..

Halo Touch features an upgraded dual-band WiFi antenna to support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, improving reliability with up to five times stronger connections than previous remote models. 

When users press the new Voice button on the Halo Touch remote, Control4 captures the user’s command with the embedded microphone and routes it to the proper voice service via proprietary new technology.

The availability of the Control4 Halo Touch Remote gives Partners a prime upsell, allowing them to install and add the remote themselves through the Control4 app for immediate use. 

This allows Partners to sell and ship the Halo Touch without a site visit, enabling rapid upgrades for numerous clients as well as simplifying the process for more distant clients.

“Special features like the ability to act as an Apple TV Siri Remote provide a powerful pitch for users that want ultimate simplicity in a single remote without sacrificing access or convenience,” Fritz adds. “What’s more, we designed Halo remote hardware to support future upgrades, so the remotes will get even more powerful and valuable over time as we integrate new features.”

The Halo Touch remote enables control of TV experiences through Watch With Voice, delivers more responsive audio experiences with a Recently Played function and provides full control for the new Control4 Vibrant Linear Lighting Line and other colour-control features and products. 

The Halo family of remotes also allows users to access user-created favourites and other core smart home capabilities such as automations and customised scenes.

The Halo Touch remote is the second in the Halo line, following the original Halo remote released in January 2023. 

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