At IFSEC 2015 (International Fire & Security) in London, fire protection devices comprised a big chunk of the show floor, with highly utilitarian products aimed at preventing, detecting and suppressing flames.

Who cares what they look like, right? Pyrexx does.

The German company demonstrated sleek-looking wireless smoke alarms that come in more than 40 different looks – wood-grained, multi-coloured and Swarovski-studded, to name a few. Users also can paint or wallpaper the devices to blend in with the décor.

But there are brains behind the beauty, as well. For starters, Pyrexx has its own 868-MHz mesh-networking technology, called Radio-Linked, that enables up to 210 devices to communicate with each other: When one sounds, they all sound.

Pyrexx offers the PX-IP gateway – including both Ethernet and cellular communications – and an App for Web-enabling the smokes.

Users can receive real-time notifications of an alarm event. And, although the device has an insect shield, if a little critter finds its way into the device or too much dust accumulates, the unit will alert the user to the contamination.

Since the smoke alarm includes both smoke and heat (via a temperature sensor) detection to minimise false alarms, the App also can be used to check the temperature in any given room.

Unfortunately, at this time Pyrexx doesn’t integrate with third-party controllers, such as security or home automation systems, but cloud-to-cloud integration is not out of the question according to Pyrexx’s Julian Weber.

Some other Pyrexx goodies:

Testing and disarming the units is easier than most: The entire bottom of the smoke alarm serves as a “button” so if you have to tap it with a broomstick, you probably won’t miss.

Another handy feature is the Pyrexx “unique and certified installation method.” Each smoke detector comes with an adhesive gel pad that adheres to even the popcorniest of ceilings. The pad has a strong magnet on the alarm-facing side that matches the magnet on the underside of the smoke detector. The unit can be quickly removed and replaced.

Not that you’ll need to check the battery often. The built-in lithium battery should be good for about 12 years. The Radio-Linked units include two batteries, so they too are good for about 12 years. Unfortunately, the battery isn’t removable, so once it expires, so goes the smoke detector. But that’s a pretty good span for a life-safety device.

The PX-1 standard Pyrexx smoke detector retails for about £28. The PX-1C smart alarm with Radio Link retails for £83.

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