HidrateMe is a water bottle that’s main goal is to ensure users recommend at least your daily recommended intake of H2O.

Sensors inside the bottle monitors a user’s intake and then syncs that information to an App on a smartphone.

Should the users need more water than they have taken so far in the day, the bottle will start glowing as a constant reminder to start drinking again.

While some have criticised the project, dubbing it ‘the worst KickStarter’, it has smashed through its funding goal of $35,000 (£22,000) and has even managed to eclipse $100,000 (£65,000).

With 39 days still to go, some predict that that number could go even higher.

Other smart water bottles exist on KickStarter and other such crowdfunding sites such as IndieGoGo, but HidrateMe is by far the most successful.

The bottle’s creator Nadya Nguyen claims that extensive research on pricing, design and how to market the product has ensured its success.

When the project launched crowdfunders were able to pick up a HidrateMe for as little as $39 (£25), although that has quickly risen to the $45 (£30) required now.

HidrateMe’s critics claim that the product is pointless, as people should know how much water they’ve taken in and this product isn’t suddenly going to stop dehydration.

The company has rebutted those criticisms, claiming that the product helps ensure people drink enough water to get the health benefits, which can be anything from preventing cancers in the colon and bladder of simply reducing crankiness.

The HidrateMe bottle should begin shipping later this year, with the App scheduled for the Winter of 2015.

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