Swann has launched a new 4K security range boasting Ultra HD video to clearly capture every key detail and keep homes safe.

The AllSecure4K+ is an all-in-one wireless security kit that sets up in minutes not hours, with four wire-free 4K cameras and a powerful Wi-Fi NVR Power Hub that can store 1TB of footage to its local hard drive whilst backing up clips to the cloud. 

The Power Hub also has a charging bay for the spare camera battery, so there is always a charged battery ready to swap in and out which – unlike other wireless systems – means there’s never any security downtime while waiting for cameras to charge. 

Now offering 4K resolution, the AllSecure4K+ cameras’ True Detect AI capabilities that sense heat, motion, people and vehicles, as well as the cameras’ Night2Day colour night vision, are more precise than ever before, claim the manufacturer.

Two-way audio and loud sirens deter trespassers, and with the potential to upgrade to an eight-camera system the Swann AllSecure4K+ is designed to act as an advanced solution for a range of property sizes. 

Swann’s AllSecure4K+ four-camera Wireless Security Kit retails at £599.99, with additional cameras sold separately for £109.99.

The SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell provides high-quality Ultra HD video with powerful digital zoom and a three-month battery life between charges. With two-way audio and head-to-toe view, users are able to speak with and see who’s at the door in 4K resolution – even in the midnight hours, thanks to Night2Day colour night vision. 

The doorbell comes with a free cloud storage plan and a 32GB MicroSD card to store clips, as well as a portable chime unit that allows one of six selectable melodies to be played from any corner of the house. 

There is also the option of hardwiring the SwannBuddy4K using power from existing doorbell wires if users would rather not ever need to recharge. The SwannBuddy4K retails for £169.99.

Swann’s Xtreem4K camera carries all the True Detect AI heat & motion detection, Night2Day colour night vision, and two-way audio as other Swann security cameras, with the addition of a wide 110° viewing angle, spotlights to further deter intruders, and a seriously long battery life of 120 days that can alternatively be powered continuously via solar panel. 

Now transmitting 4K UHD video to a free 32GB MicroSD card and cloud storage folder, the Swann Xtreem4K camera retails at £169.99.

If users want a bright light to scare away intruders, Swann’s Floodlight 4K Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera comes with floodlights that generate 2,600 lumens of brightness. An in-built siren and two-way talk add to the crime prevention features of the camera, while the 4K lens resolutely captures every detail with its 115° wide viewing angle, Night2Day colour night vision and AI-powered people and vehicle detection. 

The camera plugs into a socket or existing spotlight wiring, and its weatherproofing allows it to be a permanent outdoor fixture no matter the conditions. The high-resolution footage is stored on a local 32GB MicroSD card. 

Swann’s Floodlight 4K Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera is available for £179.99.

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