Specifi IO, Project Management, and Proposal Software Wins TechStarter Best Startup Award at CEDIA Expo 2023.

Specifi IO, a proposal tool with project and business management features, has won the Best Startup award at the 2023 CEDIA Expo. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from its release in 2021, Specifi was designed to help AV integrators produce professional quotes in less time, but with a difference.

Specifi was originally developed by Founder and Managing Director, Matthew Booth, for his AV Distribution company, Indigo in 2017. Named then, the Indigo System Design Tool it featured on the distribution company’s e-Commerce platform, it allowed Indigo customers to produce professional quotes and installation documents using Indigo’s products.

“It was really innovative and saved the dealers a lot of time,” Matthew says. Integrators became reliant on the tool and began expressing an interest in using it with other brands and suppliers. From this, Specifi was born and Matthew invited 40 key suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and Ireland to list their products on the platform. After two years of success in the UK and Ireland, this summer saw Specifi launch in the US.

So, what makes Specifi different from other proposal tools already on the market? According to Matthew the software boasts over 20 time-saving key features including the ability to automatically generate installation documents such as Cable Schedules and Network Maps as a system is designed. Plus, an intuitive CRM allows the integrator to capture a prospect from first contact, nurture them through to installation, and then continue the relationship into lifelong support.

“It’s always been our aim to incorporate all of the tools an AV dealer would need into Specifi,” Matthew adds, “There are existing AV proposal tools, but the dealers were still holding multiple subscriptions to other platforms to deal with the business management aspects. Specifi includes a lot of this already by providing the dealer with a complete overview of their sales funnel.”

The start-up SaaS company reports a tremendous response at this year’s CEDIA Expo. Exhibiting in the Launchpad, the Specifi team was invited to take part in the TechStarter Start-up competition, which saw all Launchpad exhibitors carry out a five minute, Dragon’s Den style pitch to a panel of judges, who are all industry professionals. Out of 13 companies, Specifi was delighted to be shortlisted into the final five and then later crowned winners of the competition taking the title of Best Start-up 2023.

Raising the bar

Continuing to set the bar, Specifi recently became the first AV proposal tool to incorporate AI Assist into its software. Integrators now have the ability to use AI to assist in writing the copy for their proposals.

Another industry first is the platform’s ability to share system designs with suppliers. The Specifi Collaboration feature lets the integrator share a design with a chosen supplier contact for review. The supplier contact can then edit or amend the system in real-time, minimising the usual back and forth between supplier and integrator. Additionally, suppliers who are affiliated with Specifi have the ability to create system templates for their customers, providing a unique selling platform and improving the supplier-dealer relationship.

Specifi also showed its Customer Portal which will be launched later this year, an extension of the existing CRM, this feature provides a place for the client (end-user) to keep track of all project details. They will be able to use the portal to accept proposals, check progress, log issues, schedule service calls, pay invoices and check product warranties. This portal is fully linked to the Specifi Installer portal and its time management features which are synced with Office 365 or Google calendars, so the dealer will easily stay up-to-date with all activities in one easy-to-use platform.

Specifi argues the company is proving to be an invaluable tool for the entire AV industry. Putting the integrator’s needs at the forefront of what they do, the team is dedicated to helping them save time and look more professional.

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