The Nasdaq hosts its Market Bell Ceremony twice a day signifying the opening and closing of the exchange.

Every opening and closing bell is a carefully orchestrated event, which Nasdaq has continued to evolve over the past few decades. But, since 2000 the actual sound of the Nasdaq bell has remained unchanged—until now.

Sonos wanted to do something to mark its own listing on the exchange by doing something a little different and has helped reshape how the bell actually sounds.

Sonos Sound Experience Lead Giles Martin and Academy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins, worked with Nasdaq on the project.

Experimenting with different instruments and techniques, Sonos sound engineers created a bell that both honours Nasdaq’s roots as a disruptor and speaks to the companies shared commitment to the pursuit of innovation, knowledge and improvement.

Sonos says that, like other bells, this one tells us something important. The new bell is a reflection of how Nasdaq sees the world differently, the sense of achievement their guests feel when ringing the bell, and a signal of the trading day through this iconic sound.

As well as celebrating Sonos becoming a public company, the speaker maker says it tells the world that the company takes sound seriously and deeply values the listening experience.

Check out the video and sounds to see how it was done!



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