tado° is gradually going through its product line-up and upgrading it to be V3+ compatible, and now the company is announcing its new Smart AC Control V3+. This upgrade is similar to what is on offer from the Smart Thermostat V3+, namely that it’s both HomeKit-compatible and links up to the company’s latest app, which offers full automation for a set fee.

The Smart AC Control connects air conditioners and heat pumps to the home’s Wi-Fi replacing the infrared remote control. The new app has a fresh design and introduces several features, such as the Air Comfort Skill which measures air freshness inside and outside of a home. It also provides meaningful tips and advice on how to improve indoor air as healthy air can enhance sleep and productivity, while minimising the risk of catching a cold.

The Air Comfort Skill complements a range of features like Geofencing, Open Window Detection, Weather Adaptation, and insightful energy reports that save energy and improve comfort. Users can also make use of the Smart Schedule and settings to minimise AC noise levels and disruption by managing the fan speed and the time when it’s running.

Those who wish to have full automation to manage their climate at home can subscribe to the Auto-Assist Skill for £2.99 per month or £24.99 a year. The Skill automatically adjusts the AC or heat pump when triggered by Geofencing or Open Window Detection, rather than sending a notification.

“Our new Smart AC Control is designed to enhance your air conditioning and complement your home,” said tado° Co-Founder and CPO, Christian Deilmann.

“It’s easy to install in just a few minutes, simple to use, and fits any interior with its sleek design. tado° is the perfect addition to keep you cool and comfortable this summer, while saving you energy.”

The tado° Smart AC Control V3+ is available starting today at £89.99 from leading retailers across Europe, as well as from tado.com.

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