Sleepra is promising to transform a user’s bed into a so-called ‘Smart Bed’ without having to spend thousands on a whole new bed.

The idea behind Sleepra is to do away with the sleep trackers that many people now wear in bed, and instead have a sleep sensor underneath the sheets which can monitor sleep and control a smart home.

The company believes that the only wearable a user should wear to bed is a pair of pyjamas; with the Sleepra offering much more than just tracking sleep patterns, unlike some wearables on the market.

Sleepra’s technology can recognise gestures to allow users to turn a device off, adjust the volume of a speaker, dim a light, activate a security alarm, lock doors and even brew a morning cup of coffee.

There’s also a smart alarm which is completely silent, allowing the Sleepra to wake just one person up by vibrating them, rather than an audible alarm which will wake more than just the person intended.

What’s also included is a whole host of features which are designed to get a user to fall asleep more quickly, on top of ensuring that they wake up feeling more refreshed, energised and clear minded.

Users will be able to utilise up to two Sleepras in one bed, with a partner also being able to benefit.

The company also promises a ‘love mode’ although it has yet to detail on what exactly that will entail.

Sleepra is not yet available to purchase, although the company plans to start crowdfunding the device during the summer of 2015.

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