Those who have installed a Lutron lighting control device now have another reason to use CasaTunes, as the multi-room music solution can now be directly controlled from a variety of control pads. That includes the RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS system keypads, and Pico wireless controls.

Users can configure a CasaTunes action to take place when a Lutron keypad button is pressed, or a timeclock event occurs, from within the CasaTunes app. Actions include powering rooms, changing the volume, rotating through sources, songs and playlists, and various transport controls, such as playing and pausing music. To simplify setup, CasaTunes automatically discovers all Lutron keypads and timeclock events, and updates this information whenever the Lutron configuration changes.

“Our business focus at CasaTunes is providing integration and support for connected home technology our dealers are installing,” says David Krinker, president of CasaTunes.

“Our integration with Lutron systems makes it really easy for homeowners to use one or more of their Lutron keypads as alternate or complementary control devices, and leverage the timeclock events to automate listening to their music.”

“At Lutron, our first company principle is to take care of customers, which includes a focus on creating an exceptional user experience,” adds Rich Black, director of Residential Systems at Lutron.

“The integration of Lutron lighting control systems with CasaTunes music helps homeowners create a more comfortable space with the added convenience of controlling lights, shades, temperature and music with the press of one button.”

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