Lutron has become the latest smart home manufacturer to throw its support behind Amazon’s Echo and Alexa voice assistant. The company has revealed that its Caseta lighting-control devices now work with Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and Fire TV.

While Lutron’s Caseta kit is currently available in the US, it was one of the first products to support Apple’s HomeKit service. Users will likely prefer the power of Amazon’s Alexa over Siri however, with Alexa already having far greater support across the home automation industry than Apple’s HomeKit.

Alexa also has the honour of being integrated into some Ford cars – meaning users will be able to control their home without even stepping foot in it or interacting with an App.

Users in the UK will have to wait for both Lutron’s Caseta and Amazon’s Alexa to launch in the UK however, which currently is an unknown for both.

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