No doubt that the Sky Q system provides quite a few connectivity and control challenges for installers, so it’s a welcome release when any company takes time to deliver products specifically aimed at Sky’s new flagship system.

The KIRAQ is part of the Keene IR Anywhere range and is designed specifically to provide an integrated control solution for Sky Q, and works with Sky HD too.

It allows Sky Q boxes to be controlled via the network and eliminates the need to attach IR emitters to the fascia.

Keene says it also ensures that only the desired receiver will receive the control signal – ideal for larger installations with multiple receivers where IR bleed can often cause issues.

The unit offers IR Remote Mode; just aim the remote at the KIRAQ and control the box wherever it is hidden on the network, IR Direct Mode, connect the blaster output from any switchbox/matrix directly to the KIRAQ instead of sticking a bud on the Sky receiver and RS232 mode, use serial command for integration with other control systems.

A Control4 driver is included at launch, with Keene promising to add others soon. Keene says if there are any questions on the unit to get in touch.

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