James Corden got his first taste of Crestron on a recent episode of his hit US talk show ‘The Late Late Show’.

Swapping places with Million Dollar Listings star James Harris, the talk show host tried his hand at real estate. One of the properties Corden tried to get a listing for proved difficult however, with the host showcasing his inexperience.

The property’s developer, Evan Gaskin, explained some of the features of the 7,500sq ft house. This included a Crestron system, to which Corden replied: “What’s a Crestron?”.

While the developer attempted to explain exactly what Crestron was, it seemed like none of it sunk in with Corden. In fact, the talk show host later criticised the system as being ‘too slow’.

Despite Corden’s ignorance however, Crestron is a system that’s popular amongst houses in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles. In fact, 11 homes in the area have either recently been sold or are available to buy now with a Crestron system – all valued in excess of $3m.

Crestron pulling out of CEDIA 2016 is not going to help its image crisis amongst many consumers, but it makes sense considering the company’s target market. Crestron has said that it wants to target the high-end residential market, which makes sense considering houses boasting the system typically don’t go for much less than £1m.

It’s surprising that James Corden is not all that familiar with Crestron however, considering the Into the Woods star owns a £2m property in London and currently rents an £18,000 a month mansion in LA. Maybe it’s time he looked into upgrading his house into a smart home.

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