Genie CCTV was approached by a high profile client who has business interests in retail, hotels, property and transportation amongst others, with the goal of replacing an ageing analogue CCTV system at one of his residences in the UK.

Consisting of 17 analogue PTZ cameras and multiple fixed cameras located around the vast acres of private land on the owner’s estate, the existing system desperately needed replacing.

All of the cameras were cabled with coax and twisted pair for data where required.

The system provided D1 resolution images which were recorded on traditional analogue DVRs and displayed real time on two 50in display monitors.

The main requirement by the estates head of security was to upgrade the system to improve the image quality to HD, while retaining the ability of real time live monitoring.

This was imperative to the operation of the 24/7 manned control room as any incidents needed immediate reaction and resolution.

Having ascertained the client’s requirements, the challenge was to provide a state of the art HD surveillance system that would retain the most important requirement of real time HD video.

This would enable the estate security to quickly and easily deal with any security threats.

Additionally, the system needed to be future proof, to enable the ability to upgrade the entire system in the advent in advances of video technology.

Genie CCTV’s solution was to design a system to offer 17 1080P HD-SDI Dual head PTZ’s.

These cameras offer real time (30FPS) two megapixel HDSD2PTZ20 (High Resolution) video in conjunction with an IR array that automatically adapts for wide and narrow coverage.

These were installed to provide a high level of coverage over the vast estate.

The existing analogue static cameras were replaced with 1080p HD-SDI static bullet cameras with built in IR to provide upgraded coverage and resolution of the existing static positions.

All except for three local cameras were cabled with a new fibre backbone utilising Genie’s HD-SDI to Fibre converters.

This allowed the system to transmit real-time (30FPS) HD-SDI images back to the control room which terminates in a Genie Fibre to HD-SDI receiver rack.

The native HD-SDI connected via RG6 coax to two 16 channel Genie HD-SDI digital recorders.

Each recorder offers 32TB HDD recording to enable the required footage retention period as well as user friendly search and replay functionality.

The video from all the cameras is displayed in real time via HDMI connections from the DVRs on two new 50in professional display monitors.

This in conjunction with two 21.5in desktop control monitors connected to a PC installed with Genie’s Central Monitoring Station software.

This allows for the operators to monitor specific camera groups from both DVRs over LAN, while having overall control of the Estates camera system via eMap.

With the system installed and commissioned, reports from the control room operators were not only positive but favourably approving of the new HD image quality, while retaining aspects of control that are were familiar and most importantly the entire system offering real time video monitoring.

The head of security comments: “We are so impressed with the HD-SDI Full HD surveillance system and Genie’s involvement as a specifier and supplier from start to finish that we have nominated Genie CCTV Ltd to specify another 100+ camera system and again use the HD-SDI CCTV products.”

John Boorman, sales and marketing director at Genie CCTV Ltd adds: “Our suggestion on moving forward with HD-SDI was based on the customers’ requirements for real time video and Full HD 1080P image quality. 

“Our HD-SDI to Fibre transmission kit offered the future proofing the site required, all on a single mode fibre cable infrastructure.

“More importantly, this guaranteed the customers’ need for real time Full HD video surveillance.

“None of the cameras suffer from compression lag, meaning the camera records at the highest quality with the clearest of footage in accurate real time, day or night.

“Should the customer wish to add any further cameras at any point throughout the site, it will now be very easy.

“And if they need to add IP video cameras, the Fibre transmission can easily handle Ethernet/Fibre transmission units as part of the existing installation.

“In all my years involved in the CCTV manufacturing industry, I have never seen a real time, full HD surveillance system work so efficiently.

“I am very honoured to have been chosen by the end user to provide our Genie solution and see it work so well”.

More Key Products From Genie CCTV


Hybrid 1080p Real Time DVR – 16 Channel Analogue/HD-SDI Hybrid DVR, Auto Sensing, Digital Zoom, Full GUI with Alpha Blending, Instant Replay, Interactive Set-up via Network, Individual Network Port Setting, Rack Mountable, Dual Codec Engine for Independent Video Transmission, POS Interface – Genie Hybrid DVR Manager Available for iPhone and Android.


2M 5x HD-SDI Flat PTZ Camera – 2MP IP Flat Vandal Resistant PTZ Camera, 1/2.8in HD CMOS, True Day/Night, 5-25mm Zoom Lens, Pan & Tilt Control, H.264 Video Compression, WDR, 5x Optical Zoom, 12x Digital Zoom, IP66, DC12V.


The HD-SDI PTZ is a 2.0 MP camera using a 1/2.8 CMOS sensor to provide real time full HD image quality in various video output formats. The dual heads design separates the camera and the infrared illumination, offering programmable wide and narrow IR illumination settings and IR distance of 80m in optimum weather condition.

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