While Samsung has been giving its high-end fridges access to the Android operating system, Budweiser wants to utilise the Internet of Things for something important – notifying users when they’re out of beer. 

Utilising smart sensors inside the fridge, Budweiser’s ‘e-fridge’ can notify users when the bottles of beer inside have reached an optimal temperature and how many beers are left inside. 

The fridge can hold a total of 78 beers and will cool each one down to 0 degrees celcius, without actually freezing any of the bottles. 

While the display on front of the fridge will let users know how many are inside, the same effect could be achieved by simply opening the door. Thankfully, Budweiser has thought about that – and by using the fridge’s in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, users will be able to receive all the relevant information on a smartphone App, available on both Android and iOS. 

That means that when the user is out at the grocery store, they can quickly check to see if they need any more Buds. 

Of course, this is nothing but a marketing ploy by Budweiser and shouldn’t be taken too seriously – in fact, it’s unlikely that this particular product will come to the UK or Europe anytime soon. 

That doesn’t mean that it won’t be available to buy however – as Budweiser is selling the e-fridge in California for those who want to pick one up for $299 (£193). 

What Budweiser does make clear with this release however, is how easy and affordable it is to build smart appliances. 

Both LG and Samsung have pioneered the smart fridge, allowing the refrigerators to monitor what’s inside and, in LG’s case, even communicate with other appliances – such as the oven. 

While Budweiser’s e-fridge is unlikely to take the world by storm, smart appliances are clearly here to stay. 

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