Broadcom’s new SDK for the Internet of Things has become the first to officially support Apple’s HomeKit specs for WiFi and Bluetooth smart accessories.

This support will allow developers to use Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices platform to build Apps for Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Broadcom will also allow developers to build products that double as a hardware bridge for non-HomeKit accessories, bringing in home automation devices that currently don’t support Apple’s platform.

Through its WICED platform, Broadcom is hoping to speed up the process in creating IoT products that are HomeKit compliant.

This move could be seen as a vote of confidence for Apple’s platform, which has thus far seen adoption by only a few companies in the home automation market, such as Insteon.

Broadcom is hoping to bridge the gap between different platforms, allowing Apple’s HomeKit platform to be supported even when manufacturers aren’t too keen on switching from their own platform.

While Broadcom’s SDK is the main news from the company, it also had a new Bluetooth smart chip for developers.

The company claims that it ‘significantly improves performance for IoT application by enabling twice the data rates over a Bluetooth smart link’.

The BCM20706 integrates Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart onto a single chip, with a build-in microcontroller.

The chip has already been future proofed to ensure that it works with Bluetooth 5.0 specs, while Broadcom’s SDK offers dual-mode Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart applications so OEMs can select either technology based on their end product needs.

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