The Russ Andrews Clarity Pro 2.0 is the latest iteration of the successful ‘field generator’ products utilising Coherence Technology, which significantly improves the performance of Hi-Fi and home cinema systems.

The Clarity Pro 2.0, not a mains filter in the traditional sense of the word, actively reduces noise and stray electromagnetic fields, which, in turn, benefits the musical presentation from the audio system, says Russ Andrews.

Tracing its heritage back to the popular QRT Quantum products, introduced at the CES show in 2006 and subsequently superseded by the Clarity Pro, the new iteration developed once again in conjunction with the US-based inventors of the technology. The new circuit, developed for the 2.0 version, came after extensive testing and cooperation between the two companies, refining and fine-tuning the circuit to give the best performance with a Hi-Fi or home cinema system.

The inventors of the technology state that the field generator increases the coherence of the ground plane to neutralise noise caused by discrepancies in time and amplitude on the ground. The result is an audible improvement in the performance quality of the audio signals and, therefore, in the listener’s ability to appreciate and gain greater enjoyment from the music.

The Clarity Pro 2.0, supplied in a purpose-designed ABS case, should be positioned as close as possible to the Hi-Fi system, like on a spare shelf on the rack or top of components. On the front of the unit, the single control knob can adjust the strength of the effect. The Coherence Technology modules generate a pre-programmed field of a specific pattern and duration, with the adjustment controlling its strength. Tuning by ear ensures the correct result when the music snaps into focus and sounds ‘right’.

Clarity Pro 2.0 is powered by a 12V DC power supply supplied as standard. For better performance, it can be ordered with the Russ Andrews-designed Supplier DC power supply.

Russ Andrews, Technical Director, says, “It is a major improvement on the already amazing Clarity Pro, providing a calmer atmosphere, which makes the music more relaxing and enjoyable. The improvements in musicality, rhythm and timing were considerable and it also had the effect of making previously ‘fierce’ recordings sound less harsh and easier to listen to.”

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