AV distribution specialist RGB Communications and Videotree, a leader in luxury television solutions, have announced a partnership which will provide customers with high-quality, seamless television solutions with advanced features.

Videotree boasts a variety of entertainment products, including TVs tailored for every space and application. This strategic partnership with RGB Communications’ range of audiovisual solutions is designed to provide clients with a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all their smart technology requirements.

“We’re thrilled to share news of our new partnership with RGB Communications. This venture unites Videotree’s cutting-edge mirror and outdoor TVs with RGB’s respected distribution expertise,” says Clare Munroe, Director at Videotree. “It’s a significant step forward in delivering luxury entertainment solutions to a broader market.”

“We are excited to partner with Videotree and add their outstanding products into our distribution portfolio,” adds Caroline Britt, Managing Director at RGB Communications. “The shared commitment to quality and satisfaction between our two companies is a perfect match. This partnership allows us to enhance the value we provide to our customers, granting them access to a diverse range of premium luxury entertainment solutions.”

This partnership aims to provide cutting-edge solutions by leveraging combined strengths from RGB Communications and Videotree. Both companies are dedicated to fostering continuous collaboration, conducting thorough research and engaging in ongoing development initiatives. 

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