RGB Communications and PureLink announce strategic partnership

RGB Communications and PureLink have announced a strategic partnership aimed at delivering cutting-edge AV connectivity solutions to customers.

This partnership brings together the expertise and innovative product portfolios of RGB Communications and PureLink. RGB Communications has been at the forefront of the AV industry for over 30 years, offering a comprehensive range of AV products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers. PureLink is renowned for its high-quality AV connectivity solutions, including PureInstall USB 3.2 USB-C Cables with E-Marker (PI6000) and a 2×1 4K 18Gbps Multiformat Presentation Switcher with KVM Set (PT-PSW-21KVM) designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

By joining forces, RGB Communications and PureLink aim to provide customers with a wider range of AV connectivity solutions and deliver enhanced value through their combined capabilities. This partnership will enable both companies to leverage their respective strengths and deliver comprehensive AV solutions that meet the increasing demand for seamless connectivity and exceptional audio-visual experiences say the new partners.

“We are thrilled to partner with PureLink,” says Caroline Britt, Managing Director of RGB Communications. “Their expertise in AV connectivity solutions perfectly complements our existing product offerings and we are particularly impressed with their innovative and installer friendly range of cables and are clearly at the forefront of the fast emerging need to master USB-C connectivity in the modern meeting space. Together, we can deliver state-of-the-art AV solutions that empower our customers to create immersive and engaging audio visual experiences.”

“While the commercial market is rapidly moving towards smart workplace solutions and multi-purpose office space, the requirements to our channel becomes more and more demanding to deliver an integrated solution and bespoke project designs. RGB Communications are a technical distributor with deep know-how to address these new requirements and provide added value to the resellers. USB-C has fast become key technology with many challenges which PureLink is addressing with its advanced solutions. For RGB Communications this was an important aspect to team up with us and position our products in the UK market.” adds Ron Guggenheim, Chief Growth Officer of PureLink.

Both RGB Communications and PureLink are committed to maintaining and expanding their product lines, providing excellent customer service, and driving innovation in the AV industry. The partners state this partnership marks a significant milestone in their respective journeys and underscores their commitment to delivering unmatched value and expertise to customers worldwide

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