ProofVision, supplier of high-quality outdoor TVs and indoor waterproof electronics, has recently teamed up with OneAV, pan-European AV distributor, in a bid to reach more customers in the custom installation channel with the company’s affordable water-resistant products. 

The maker argues that until now, in this rapidly growing product category, those looking to buy waterproof electronics have had very little choice in the market, and often had to settle for poor-designed, hard-to-install, and expensive options.

A problem that the companies say will be fixed by this partnership.

James Trumper, head of sales at OneAV, says, “We are extremely pleased that ProofVision has partnered with our company, as they deliver technically excellent and high-quality products at a reasonably price which matches the OneAV brand promise exactly.”

William Uttley, founder and CEO of ProofVision, adds, “We are very excited to be working with OneAV to better service the AV market and enable more people to have the opportunity to experience our products.”

The partnership has also inspired and influenced new product development from ProofVision in the form of a TV which will be compatible with HDANYWHERE HDBaseT video distribution systems. Coming soon, so keep your eyes on the skies for more information.

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