Upon its launch in 1986, the Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy changed the face of high-end loudspeakers. In 2024, it returns in remastered form as the new The WATT/Puppy.

The WATT/Puppy is not only the most iconic model in the history of Utah-based high-end speaker specialist Wilson Audio, it also pushed the envelope of upscale loudspeaker design across the industry, reportedly becoming the world’s best selling speaker above $10,000 – and so it remains to this day, says Wilson Audio.

The original concept was sparked by company founder Dave Wilson’s desire to build a portable monitor for his recording projects that would exceed the resolving power of the established models of the time, with a firm focus on maximising performance without costs constraints. 

Such was the demand for the resulting custom-made WATT (Wilson Audio Tiny Tot) two-way monitor that Wilson decided to create a separate bass enclosure to transform it into a full-range floorstanding loudspeaker system. This bass enclosure was dubbed the Puppy, and thus in 1986 the WATT/Puppy was born.

The WATT/Puppy continued in Wilson Audio’s range for 25 years, undergoing eight extensive revisions until its eventual retirement in 2011. 

This year, as Wilson Audio celebrates its 50th anniversary, the high-end loudspeaker is reborn in entirely remastered form, designed with a singular intention: to create the WATT/Puppy that the late Dave Wilson would have built if he had the resources then that Wilson Audio has now.

Key features include thorough evolution of the original WATT/Puppy’s separate mid/treble (WATT) and bass (Puppy) enclosure design and iconic angular shape, Wilson Audio’s proprietary ‘X-material’, ‘S-material’ and ‘V-material’ composites (which deliver enclosures that are inherently inert), original features are retained and enhanced, including the WATT’s rear handle, the WATT incorporates Wilson Audio’s 1-inch Convergent Synergy Carbon treble driver and 7-inch AlNiCo QuadraMag midrange driver and the Puppy houses two 8-inch bass drivers with homogenous cellulose composite cones.

Adjustable spikes allow precise time-domain alignment of the WATT module, it benefits from AudioCapX-WA capacitors, incorporates contemporary Wilson Audio features such as the built-in bubble level and easy-access resistor panel for maintenance and customisation, while WilsonGloss enclosure colours, grille colours and hardware colours can be specified individually, providing hundreds of colour combinations.

A rear resistor panel incorporates a limited-edition medallion commemorating Wilson Audio’s 50th anniversary – available exclusively throughout 2024.

Crafted in Provo, Utah and finished in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility, The WATT/Puppy is now available to order.

The UK RRP for the standard range of WilsonGloss colour options is £41,998 per pair, including VAT and installation. Premium and custom colours are also available.

Absolute Sounds is the sole UK distributor of Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

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