Ultra Sigma By Ultrafide Audio

Ultrafide Audio takes pro sound to the home with its ‘Ultra Sigma’ Hi-Fi pre/power combo.

  • Parent company behind pioneering MC2 Audio pro amplifiers says it is revolutionising the home Hi-Fi market with its uncompromising quest for sonic purity.
  • The brand’s debut ‘Ultra Sigma’ combo includes the U4PRE quad output analogue preamplifier, alongside the U500DC ultra fidelity audiophile power amplifier.
  • Following the combo’s unveiling in 2023, and its soft launch that sold out and sent to 13 countries internationally – the products are now on general release in Q1 2024. 

Taking MC2 Audio’s industry-leading pro sound to the domestic market, Ultrafide Audio has now launched its debut Hi-Fi amplification products – the ‘Ultra Sigma’ pre/power combo.

Initially unveiled in Q4 2023, the U4PRE preamplifier and U500DC amplifier pair are now on general release in Q1 2024 with the initial soft launch immediately selling out – shipping to 13 countries in the process – offering audiophiles worldwide a new level of sonic quality for their home systems, says the maker. 

Ultrafide stands for ultra-fidelity audio and following parent company MC2’s pioneering work in live and studio sound for three decades, the company now states it is now laser-focused on the domestic market. No application constraints, no logistical hurdles, no compromises – just the best engineering, design and components to bring the finest possible sound to the home.

Lead product designer and audio engineer Alex Cooper was given a blank canvas with which to operate for Ultrafide products and freedom to over-engineer, with the sole goal of audio quality, sonic purity and unrivalled stereo image – resulting in the Ultra Sigma combo.

The U4PRE quad output analogue preamplification system has been designed with a minimal signal path philosophy aiming at super low noise and distortion. It features a state-of-the art Ultrafide designed adjustable phono stage that’s suitable for both MM/MC cartridges, single ended RCA inputs/outputs, balanced XLR inputs/outputs and a digitally controlled analogue circuit volume control – complete with digital display screen and remote control.

Next in the chain is the U500DC ultra fidelity audiophile power amplifier – featuring an all-new passive cooling system and push/pull modular output stage for ultra-low noise operation. Add to this a dc coupled input-output, a generous 250W at 8 ohms (500W @ 4 ohms) stereo power delivery, its creator says this amplifier can be used in all manner of home/studio applications with astonishing results, leaving plenty of headroom and delivering unparalleled high-end definition and low-end response. Designed to work in tandem but equally as effective individually, both Ultra Sigma units are priced at £4,500 inc. VAT (each).

Mark Bailey, product specialist at Ultrafide Audio and MC2, says, “Ultrafide is here to bring pro sound to the home, using decades of sonic pedigree to provide a new level of Hi-Fi amplification and audio quality to the domestic market. We’re also here to be honest about what that means – and that’s simplicity. After all, audio is about using your ears and doing what’s best for the music, not just satisfying a spec sheet.”

“With that ethos in mind and without the constraints or design fundamentals that come with the professional market, we viewed this project as a completely fresh start. What would we want our ideal home system to sound and look like? Harnessing this approach and having no compromises on engineering and component quality, Alex and the team got to work and we couldn’t be prouder of the results.”
“We firmly believe the Ultra Sigma combo stacks up next to anything on the market and we’re offering a new perspective for audiophiles with our U4PRE and U500DC products. One thing’s for sure, pro sound is homebound!”

Ultrafide Audio is showcasing both the U4PRE and U500DC at Integrated Systems Europe Show as part of the wider XTA Electronics / MC2 Audio stand. Find the team on Stand 7M530.

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