Sound Design Distribution welcomes HALCRO

Sound Design Distribution has signed a deal with Halcro to offer its Eclipse ultra-low noise amplifiers exclusively to UK audiophiles.

Designed by physicist and audiophile Bruce Candy to challenge the theoretical lower limits of distortion, Halcro’s original DM58 amplifier met with great acclaim on launch in 2001. After five generations of product evolution, Halcro’s Eclipse stereo and mono amplifiers embody 12 fundamental conceptual changes in circuit design, making them unrecognisable from conventional amplification platforms, according to the maker.

Protected by five international patents in areas covering aspects of Halcro’s power factor corrected power supply and amplifier topology, the Eclipse design uses shielding and physical separation to isolate the power supply from the audio circuitry, delivering Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at less than 1,000 parts per billion at full power. Within this ultra-low distortion environment, the Eclipse designs are able to maintain the phase coherence of the signal source, preserving the relative timing of various notes or tones within complex music.

Elegant pillars housing the power supply, an input amplifier section, power amplifier and output filter hide large heatsinks, which keep the system running at optimum temperature. Meanwhile, the solid casework panels provide acoustic isolation and damping to reduce vibration-induced distortion. All components used are industrial grade.

12 MOSFETS provide amplification – stereo 180/350W/ch 8/4 Ω, mono 300/550W/ch 8/4 Ω – allowing the amplifier to drive all loudspeaker loads. Six-layer Printed Circuit Boards in the amplification stage are designed to isolate and shield functional areas, while substantial eddy current and electrostatic shielding is used throughout to reduce noise coupling. Elsewhere, the application of large capacitors delivers extremely low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), enabling faster response to the signal and resulting in a more natural sound.

Halcro’s Universal Power Factor Corrected (UPFC) power supply has no toroidal transformer. It is a switching not a linear power supply, which improves power supply efficiency to allow for maximum power transfer from the mains to the amplifier while providing complete isolation from mains-borne noise. In addition, Halco’s UPFC supply avoids inducing distortions onto the mains itself, protecting the performance of other hi-fi components in the system.

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