Pro-Ject Audio Systems has released two new T2 models for more traditional audio systems, named the T2 and T2 Super Phono Turntables. 

The T2 concept was first unveiled by Pro-Ject Audio Systems in late 2023 with the T2 W wireless streaming turntable. 

The T2 (£479.00 SRP) strips the T2 W of all its additional electronics and reverts the design to a pure, analogue record player that needs to be connected to a phono stage of choice. 

Meanwhile, the T2 Super Phono (£559.00 SRP) boasts a built-in switchable phono stage that has been specially designed to the same standard of performance as many more expensive dedicated phono stages. 

Key features found in both include enhanced T-Line turntable design with heavy glass platter and sturdy wood plinth, improved 9” aluminium tonearm with spring-loaded anti-skate dial, 

a pre-adjusted Sumiko Rainier moving magnet (MM) cartridge, accurate speed with automatic switching between 33 and 45rpm, vibration-absorbing feet, a semi-symmetrical interconnect cable designed for turntable use is included, while a switchable dual-stage split-passive MM phono stage is built-in to the T2 Super Phono.

The T2 enters the ring as a new challenger in the midrange audio market. Boasting a host of audiophile design elements within its reassuringly sturdy construction, it remains true to the T-Line ethos by being effortlessly simple to set-up and use. 

The T2 turntable is first identified by its elegant CNC-machined wood plinth that has been expanded in size to enhance stability and is available in three stylish finishes, including Gloss Black, Satin White or Walnut. 

The core construction is free of plastic and has been carefully manufactured to ensure there are no hollow spaces inside, avoiding unwanted vibrations within the finished product. The purpose-chosen vibration absorbing feet effectively isolate the turntable from the surface on which it is placed. 

Mounted inside the plinth is a high-performance belt drive system featuring an electronically regulated, precision-speed AC motor, attached to Pro-Ject’s finely engineered T-Line sub-platter, which is inserted into a stainless-steel axle/brass-bushing main bearing. The sub-platter drives the new heavy, zero-resonance glass platter with stability, ensuring an ideal playback surface for vinyl records. Speed change is handled by a rocker switch for convenient switching between 33 and 45rpm. 

The tonearm on the T2 is a new 9” model featuring a one-piece aluminium tube and an improved low-friction gimbal bearing assembly with spring-loaded anti-skate mechanism for total accuracy in use. 

Mounted with the Sumiko Rainier cartridge for great sound out of the box, the tonearm is also pre-set for downforce, so there is no need for any complicated set-up.

The T2 features high-quality output terminals and is supplied with correctly engineered cables for direct connection to your preferred phono stage. However, the T2 Super Phono boasts a built-in dual-stage, split-passive moving magnet phono pre-amplifier. 

Reportedly rivalling the technology employed in many more expensive external phono stages, this built-in solution guarantees true hi-fi stereo sound, and ensures the signal that gets passed on to the amplifier is of the highest quality. 

Compared to the T2 W, the T2 Super Phono’s phono stage uses the extra PCB board space to optimise and enhance the electrical layout for a superior analogue performance. The phono stage can also be bypassed if a user wishes to install an MC cartridge or make use of an external preamp.

The T2 is supplied with a removable dust cover, felt mat and Pro-Ject’s premium Connect it E Phono RCA cable for a quality connection to an existing hi-fi system. 

Both new models will begin shipping during April 2024 in Black, White or Walnut finish and are available from Henley Audio in the UK.

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