Retrotouch has collaborated with ZF to launch the Retrotouch KNX-RF wireless energy harvesting light switch.

Both partners are members of the KNX Association and are excited about the potential and possibilities of this energy-efficient, battery-free, maintenance-free wireless switch for the home automation industry.

The Retrotouch ZF KNX-RF energy harvesting switch is a switch you can stick anywhere and will connect seamlessly into any KNX system. It’s suitable either for adding into a new bespoke system or for retrofitting into an already existing twisted-pair KNX system, using ZF mediacouplers available from Retrotouch.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this collaboration with ZF and to be bringing a new dimension to the KNX community,” says Amit Ravat, Managing Director of Retrotouch. “These innovative switches work directly with the KNX system completely wirelessly, and can be retrofitted anywhere, making installs faster and easier. And of course as they use energy harvesting they have no cables or batteries, adding increased energy-efficiency to the KNX smart home system.”

Compatible with KNX-RF 2.0 Ready S-Mode, the switch is configurable with ETS software (from version five onwards). The switch can be programmed to control a light or blind or window shutters. And thanks to Retrotouch’s design and the KNX operating system, the programming possibilities are endless. 

The switches come in cool white or stylish black to match the feel of any interior. Boasting the screwless glass surfaces that define the Retrotouch Crystal range, these new switches offer the ultimate in superior quality, functionality and connectivity.

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