The Episode Radiance series from Snap One creates new possibilities for integrated audio and lighting within the garden. 

Built on exclusive, patent-pending technology, Radiance combines an audio signal and a low-voltage lighting signal on a single, easy to install two-conductor burial wire. The design of the bollard speaker allows for a 360o radiating sound signature and is scalable to suit any size of garden.

The full range of bollards within Radiance are designed for simple installation by using 70v amplification. Selectable 70v tap settings allow for tuning and balancing of the sound at each bollard, which means the individual volume can be set while the entire system is adjusted. The subwoofer utilises a 10in long-throw woofer mounted in a completely sealed cabinet, allowing for both above-ground and in-ground installation. Offered in black or white, each model is finished in a UV protected finish and IP66 certified.

Multiple LEDs in the light module output up to 300 lumens depending on the setting (path, spot, or both). From wall wash to direct path lighting, this new Snap One option offers a wide variety of lighting solutions with the simple shape of the speaker designed to work well in any landscape lighting design.

Radiance is a modular solution where the lighting can be added to speakers or speaker blanks for flexible placement and usage using secure Twist-to-Lock technology. As an additional benefit, the Radiance System does not require any special control programming to operate. Each feature, lighting and audio, are separate functions and can be independently controlled in a Control4 automation system.

The maker says Episode Radiance is a game-changer for outdoor spaces, for installers and customers alike.

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