OneAV has announced that  the company is to begin distributing network testing products from Patch App & Go (PA&G).

Commenting on the partnership, Andy Oattes, Sales Director of OneAV says, “We’re always thrilled to add more brands to our rapidly growing clientele, especially when the brand saves time and money! The idea was to bring a testing solution to our installer-base that provides simple, effective and easy to use functionality but in a very cost-effective package. This is the type of kit that should be in every installers toolbox.

“Patch App & Go have designed a tool that can reduce the number of people required to cable test in preparation for installing hardware in many settings and have released a handy app to make things even easier! Trade account holders can look forward to the usual benefits OneAV offers – such as credit accounts, trade discounts, and easy ordering.”

OneAV argues that adding a PA&G tester to an installer’s toolbox will eliminate time-consuming network testing, reduce the number of people needed on each project and saving time also.

The PA&G Continuity Tester and Cable Tracer is a one-person device powered by any mobile device running on android or IOS. After downloading the app to your device, testing or tracing four-pair Lan cables becomes a quick and easy process, says the distributor.

The cable tracer works by inserting the Smart Remote Plugs into the ports of a Patch Panel. PA&G will then send a trace through the cable to the uniquely numbered Smart Remote Plug, notifying the user of plugs ID, and allowing the user to correctly label the link.

Test up to 24 ports in quick succession before having to relocate the Smart Remote Plugs.

Andy Robotham, Director of PA&G reports, Patch App & Go are pleased to announce our distribution partnership with OneAV, one of the UK’s premier AV Distributors. The Patch App & Go is the Smart Network Tester powered and operated by your smartphone, allowing you to test and verify your network installation efficiently and more importantly by yourself. Each tester is supplied with 6 Smart Remote Plugs, which are individually programmed from 1 to 6. As you test Patch App & Go will display the wiremap results and the ID of the plug currently being tested.

“Other functions include mapping features, which allows you to trace unidentified network cables and the ability to save and export PDF test results. OneAV carries stock of the complete range which includes, the main tester, additional Smart Remote Plugs, and the special Patch App & Go AV-Test kit, which is exclusive to OneAV.”

Patch App & Go, launched in January 2019, has already found fans within the industry.

Neil Setterfield of CSA Mids Ltd says, “Prior to buying our Patch App & Go Tester, we always had to send two engineers to site when it came to testing our installations. Now we only have to send one. We purchased an additional 18 Smart Remote Plugs, so now our engineer can test 24 ports at a time quickly and more importantly own his own. Such a great investment.”

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