KEF has launched the KC92 Force-Cancelling Subwoofer and Kube Subwoofers, which have been designed for everything from watching an action-packed film, playing the latest videogame, or listening to music.

Both KC92 and Kube feature KEF’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm, the Music Integrity Engine (MIE), one of the brand’s core innovations in technology. 

Tailored for each model, the MIE ensures every component works within the individual subwoofer in harmony. Powered by MIE, the iBX Intelligent Bass Extension creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver. By analysing the input signal, iBX allows the subwoofer to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level. 

KC92’s design, which incorporates the patent-pending P-Flex Surround – which was inspired by the Japanese art of origami – resists sonic pressure without sacrificing sensitivity. Similar to origami folds, the pleated construction defies internal air pressure, enabling the driver to move precisely in response to the aural signal. Deeper bass extension and more precise, detailed bass reproduction are the outcomes. 

Regardless of volume, its design achieves linearity and low distortion and reaches depths of 11Hz thanks to optimised excursion characteristics. 

KC92 contains two 9-inch drivers. A shallow, concave aluminium skin sits above a paper cone in the drivers’ hybrid structure, which also includes a vented voice coil and an enlarged motor system. The force-cancelling layout of the KC92’s two drivers is back-to-back, ensuring reactive forces are eliminated, which reduces cabinet vibration and maximises precision and detail. 

The KC92 features an audiophile-quality 1000W of Class D amplification (a dedicated 500W amplifier for each driver), improving timing accuracy and dynamic response for a more detailed sound and the ability to deliver sudden bursts of power. 

The KC92 seamlessly adjusts to a diverse range of audio systems, offering a broad spectrum of connection options. With both line level and speaker level inputs, it can easily connect to any amplifier. Utilising KEF SmartConnect, it automatically optimises gain based on whether a mono or stereo input is in use, ensuring optimal performance. The line output with High Pass Filter (HPF) allows for exceptional fine-tuned integration. 

The five-room placement options allow the KC92 to integrate into any environment. Whether it’s placed in a free space, next to the wall, in a corner, snug within a cabinet, or using the dedicated apartment mode its performance will be consistent. 

The minimal and timeless design of the KC92 is easy to match with a variety of speakers and it is available in White Gloss and Black Gloss.

Meanwhile, Kube subwoofers are available in four driver sizes – 15″, 12″, 10″, and 8″ – from the deceptively diminutive Kube 8 MIE to the Kube 15 MIE, giving options to any room size and system requirements. 

Kube has a long throw driver that fires from the front, increasing output at lower frequencies. This method produces an impression of direct force within the space, resulting in a tactile, compressed bass experience. Kube is optimised to create an immersive, powerful soundscape by accurately reproducing the lowest octaves in music and movies with high SPL and low-frequency extension. 

Optimally designed for the driver and the available acoustic volume, the Class D RMS amplifier in the Kube runs efficiently and cool, providing ample power for the subwoofer. 

The sealed cabinet design of Kube facilitates simpler positioning. Kube subwoofers have been designed to complement the room’s interior style perfectly when paired with their sleek, modern appearance. 

With four sizes available, Kube can be customised to fit any space and need, including gaming, home cinema and music. Kube has a placement-dependent EQ component that is simply adjustable to maximise in-room performance thanks to Music Integrity Engine. 

Kube also adapts to a wide range of audio systems due to its extensive range of connection choices. The line level and speaker level inputs mean it can be connected to any amplifier. 

KEF SmartConnect optimises the gain for best performance by sensing whether a mono or stereo input is being utilised automatically. Furthermore, Kube can be easily integrated wirelessly using the optional KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter. 

From February 20, the KEF KC92 Force-cancelling Subwoofer and Kube Subwoofers will be available for myKEF members to order ahead of the official launch on February 27. 

The KC92 Force-Cancelling Subwoofer is available for £2,499 per piece and the Kube Subwoofers are priced as follows:

Kube 15 MIE: £1,149 per piece 

Kube 12 MIE: £849 per piece 

Kube 10 MIE: £749 per piece 

Kube 8 MIE: £599 per piece 

Early access is also available from selected authorised KEF retailers including Peter Tyson AV, Richer Sounds, Sevenoaks Sound & Vision, Home AV Direct, and Smart Home Sounds. 

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