New smart home Tahoetouch interface will profoundly elevate the user experience argues its creator Intuitiv.

Intuitiv has released the Tahoe Crestron CH5 UI after completing an initial beta phase for this ‘game-changing’ solution. By leveraging conventional web technologies, user-centric heuristics and cutting-edge design queues, this UI solution will allow programmers/integrators to deliver a user experience far beyond what has been possible to date says the company.
“Tahoe drastically improves how integrators and programmers can deploy a smart home system, giving them the most modern, industry-leading UI design. Ultimately, our solution provides the end user an experience far beyond what they ever thought was possible,” says Ryan Wenner, Co-Founder of Intuitiv.
“CH5 is making its mark on the industry,” adds Marc Caldwell, Co-Founder+Creative Director of Intuitiv. “This technology is part of ushering in a new era in smart home design and bringing the focus onto the user experience.”
Using a global network of ‘Verified Partners’, the company ran its beta phase through the summer. The Tahoe CH5 UI is now ready for ‘real world’ deployments to Verified Partners in showrooms, demo systems, or in end users’ homes who wants their technology on the leading edge of UI design and functionality.

As a new responsive interface, CH5 is capable of:

  • Adapting to a range of device screen sizes
  • Enabling over-the-air updates and upgrades for integrators/programmers
  • Offering lightweight environments
  • Advanced functionality and responsiveness

Visit the website for more details and to purchase the Tahoe CH5 template.

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