Intelligent Homes: A New Beginning In Consumer Facing Promotion

All Things Media, owner of Essential Install Magazine is launching a brand-new way for the home cinema, quality AV and smart home sectors to reach out to consumers. Read on to find out more about Intelligent Homes.

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Intelligent Homes is a revolutionary magazine that aims to promote the luxury AV, smart home and home cinema sectors. This quarterly consumer magazine is set to be distributed across the UK, with 25,000 copies of each issue delivered to home owners covering new households with each issue. By the end of 2024, the magazine will have reached a staggering 100,000 households and potentially 200,000 readers.

With Intelligent Homes, the industry will finally have a vehicle to raise consumer awareness and increase market growth. By using the Geoplan Mapping Software Platform, DLM, magazine’s distribution company ensures geo-demographic targeting of households throughout the UK. This software combines geography in terms of postcode sectors and the demographics of residents living within these sectors. This will allow Intelligent Homes to target specific audiences, focusing on ABC, C1 and C2 demographics.

The distribution data is sourced from the UK Gov’s Census Office and is collated to provide the most accurate datasets at postcode, district and area level for the UK. By choosing the most prominent demographic characteristics of a target audience, the title will minimise wastage and increase response rates.

The data selected for Intelligent Homes are postcodes based on the UK ‘Index’, (indexed against the average of the entire UK – the national average being 100) that have an index of 100 or more, and are the top postcodes for the magazine’s demographic target audience.

Intelligent Homes is poised to be an industry game-changer, revolutionising the AV, home cinema and home automation industry sector by delivering a highly targeted and engaging magazine to households across the UK. The magazine’s strategic distribution, innovative use of technology and accurate datasets make it the ideal choice for businesses seeking to expand their consumer reach and market growth.

The in-house team creating Intelligent Homes will be putting our shoulder to the wheel creating exclusive content for this new and important industry initiative, however we will also be asking the industry to get involved and contribute articles gathered directly from their most experienced and knowledgeable team members. If you are an installer, distributor, manufacturer, or a service provider involved in the Smart Home, Home Cinema or Luxury AV market, read on to find out how you can contribute.

In each of the four issues that will be produced each year, this new title will be inviting industry stakeholders to contribute articles on the following subjects: Home Cinema, Music Only Systems, The Smart Home, Lighting and Shading, Case Studies.

Intelligent Homes will be sent to 25K different homes each time the publication is mailed. The aim of the publication is to act as an introduction to the sector for those who either have little or no knowledge of our industry and encourage people to engage with the market. So, the tone of the articles should reflect this and leave technical jargon at the door, instead content should introduce the concepts available, inspire and enthuse the reader to want to find out more, contact their local installer or sign up for a visit or demo. Some mention of specific products and services is fine for context, but the main thrust of all articles should be one of exciting the reader as to what impact buying into the sector will have on their lifestyle and home life.

Articles should be from 600-1200 words long and must be accompanied with at least three high-quality high-resolution images. Contributors must contact the editorial team with their suggestion either by email or phone and agree the approach and content before going ahead with any article. Preferred format for words is a Microsoft Word Document and JPEGs for images.

Get in touch and let’s spread the word of our wonderful and inspiring sector to an ever-expanding audience! Send your editorial suggestions to

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