Integrators are invited to make the jump from ‘gigabit’ to ‘multi-gigabit’ networking at Habitech’s TechFest 10G showcase in January.

In the age of big data and at a time of soaring clamour for greater speed, quality and reliability, network design expertise has become absolutely fundamental to the success of CI businesses, says Habitech.

At the TechFest 10G showcase, to be held at Basingstoke Jan 21-22 2020, Habitech is promising an ‘unrivalled display’ of 10G product availability and knowhow, designed to support integrators in the leap from ‘gigabit’ to ‘multi-gigabit’ networking.

Back in 2012, just before the introduction of 802.11ac’s Gigabit productivity, Habitech created the ProNet platform of IP tools and training, giving CI integrators the means to design stable, powerful, scalable home networks. 

First with Wi-Fi 6 APs and switches

The transformational Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) protocol will accommodate many more devices simultaneously through a four-fold increase in data capacity over its predecessor at speeds approaching 10 Gbps. The only obstacle to this potential is the supporting network architecture. 

For TechFest 10G in January, Habitech is preparing the widest multi-gig showcase of products and knowhow ever staged, starring the Ruckus R750 WF6 AP, compatible WF6-ready entry-level switch architecture from Ruckus, new 10GbE Draytek switches, 10G IP, copper/fibre termination training and much more. In other words the full 10 Gig repertoire under one roof. 

Introducing WatchGuard security

Also launching at TechFest 10G, WatchGuard’s advanced plug-and-play Firewall tech represents the final element in Habitech’s latest network offering. Watchguard’s Firebox T15, T35 and T55 table-top firewall modules are developed by a global player in enterprise-grade security solutions to be smartest, most effective and easiest to install network security products available. 

Welcome to multi-gig world

At TechFest 10G, integrators will experience the reality of 10G network architecture end-to-end, wired and wireless, secure and stable, every product and technique explained by the best IP networking knowhow in the business. Showcased alongside will be new product intros from Arcam, Acurus, Dahua, JVC, Lutron, Wisdom and Yamaha, supported by free-of-charge seminars. 

To register, integrators should complete the form here:

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