Aerohive is designed to radically simplify wireless and wired access with cloud networking. Indigo says the technology is sophisticated yet straightforward and offers unrivalled choice and flexibility, as well as continuously solving networking problems with constant innovations.

The company provides wired and wireless network access products to multiple industries across the world, with innovative solutions such as the unique integrator-only and free-to-use HiveManager Network Management software.

Using this, dealers can easily set up and deploy networks with a high level of detail to monitor all aspects of the network: from performance to upgrades of firmware, and send new access points to site and deploy them remotely.

Indigo adds that Aerohive presents a whole raft of unique customer-benefiting features, including ACSP automatic channel selection protocol – in essence, an intelligent built-in software, that automatically assigns a device to a frequency depending on the demands and the sophistication required by the device.

With an access point broadcasting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the intelligent software decides which is the best, so it’s no longer necessary to manually complete this repetitive process for every product on the network.

Aerohive is not just about clever software, the company also brings unique patented hardware for the first time to the UK custom installation market.

Along with the wide range of network switches and wireless and wired access products, Aerohive also offers unique products, such as the ATOM. One product with multiple uses that quickly eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones, solves density issues in high traffic areas, improves performance of third-party networks and instantly extends secure wireless network connectivity anywhere there is power.

Pushing innovation

Marc Waple, sales and marketing director of Indigo Distribution, says, “Adding networking products to our portfolio is something we are delighted to finally say we have achieved. We took our time finding the right brand to partner with, as we wanted to ensure we were not just filling a space but offering something different and truly beneficial to our customers.

“We are impressed by the added value Aerohive offers. The company has a long history of rapidly innovating and radically simplifying Cloud Networking, which is truly exciting for us. As we all know, there is no shortage of networking solutions available to the UK custom install market. However, with incoming tide of newer, faster and more advanced IoT solutions arriving almost weekly, it’s more important than ever to own the network in each and every installation.”

Luke Broadway UK sales manager of Aerohive, is looking forward to working alongside Indigo, “Here at Aerohive, we always want to ensure that all our distributors are committed and knowledgeable and have an outstanding support team. We were immediately convinced by Indigo and we are delighted about our new partnership. Indigo have a great team, they are all genuinely invested in their work and truly want to offer the best products and services to their customers.”

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