In an exclusive interview with Vin Bruno this October, the new CEDIA CEO revealed that more has to be done to educate consumers about CEDIA and the custom install sector as a whole.

“We need to raise awareness,” Vin says. “Our consumers don’t know what CEDIA means. Through our brand strategy, we’ve realised that the custom electronic design and installation association is a mouthful, so we trademarked the name CEDIA to have consumers think ‘technology for the home’, ‘life lived best at home’– we have our work cut out for us.”

Through partnerships with the press and by working with its US and UK PR teams, the organisation is ready to do the work necessary to communicate to the wider world exactly what CEDIA is.

“What I want is for CEDIA to be the place where homeowners come to find people that actually do the design, install and upgrade of the technology for our lives.”

The video below seems to signal the start of the education process for the consumer.

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