Toshiba is getting serious about OLED TVs. So much so that the Japanese electronics manufacturer is gearing up to take on LG at its own game – with a wallpaper TV model of its very own.

At IFA 2017 in Berlin, Toshiba officially unveiled a new concept TV with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a flagship. This includes everything from Dolby Vision and HLG, to HDR 10 and a seriously thin design.

Unlike LG, Toshiba isn’t quite ready to call this a ‘wallpaper TV’. Instead the firm uses the moniker ‘wall art TV’, although they both essentially mean the same thing. This is a wafer-thin TV that’s designed to sit flush against the wall and cost more than any other TV of a similar size.

Toshiba is not yet confirming how much it’ll charge for its wall art TV, after all this is just a concept, but if it’s comparable to LG’s model, then expect to pay around £7,000 for the experience.

OLED TVs are not just a concept for Toshiba, however. The company is fully committed to the technology; so much so that a new range of sets have been unveiled at IFA 2017.

Available in two sizes, a 55 and 65in, these new OLED TV sets both offer the Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10 support that come with the concept TV, albeit in a chunkier body. Make no mistakes, even with a chunkier body, this TV is still seriously thin – and can still boast absolute black levels and infinite contrast ratios.

Toshiba’s OLED TV range will also be relatively affordable, at least when compared to some of those in LG’s range. The 55in model will be available in Q4 this year priced at €1,699 (£1,568), which is considerably lower than the LG B7’s 55in price of €2,207. Pricing for the 65in model has yet to be revealed.

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