Specialist in audio-visual concealment technology, Stealth is using the show to launch a new concept, SPT, which is a complete weatherised and fully protected outdoor cinematic system.

The system integrates a large high-resolution LED screen with Stealth Acoustics’ outdoor speaker and amplifier technology and quiet-running lift automation to present a high-quality, discreet, outdoor viewing solution that is revealed only when required for use.

The SPT is available in three screen sizes: 103in, 130in and 150in.

When required, the screens rise silently from the custom designed enclosure, which is sealed to prevent external elements from entering the unit.

SPT also features Stealth’s IP-68 rated loudspeakers and sub-woofers, coupled with Stealth amplification and Digital Signal Processing to help create an immersive, cinematic ‘al fresco’ experience.

“SPT opens up another significant market opportunity for European custom installers,” comments Steve Olszewski, the vice president of Stealth Acoustics. “They can now help their customers enjoy watching TV, live sports or movie nights outside in the daytime or at night. 

“Unlike re-purposed and usually delicate indoor projectors and screens, SPT systems are specifically designed to cope with the vagaries of the European climate and still deliver great, reliable performance.

“The Stealth Patio Theatre reliably reproduces vibrantly bright and colourful images, even in broad daylight. Combined with its dynamic, full-range, multi-channel surround sound, it recreates a full movie theatre experience in the customer’s own backyard.”

SPT can also be used as a scalable digital signage display, suiting applications in the hospitality sector, as well as shopping centres and educational institutes.

A 1080p system processor provides media playback from up to seven different sources, including a Blu-Ray player, streaming services and AV files from signage players.

The SPT can also be integrated with any third party control system to enable integration within a CI or commercial AV system.

Enclosure options range from above ground cabinets to custom built units, made to match existing outdoor elements.

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