Core Brands has begun shipping the latest amplifier series in the SpeakerCraft range, with the new line compromising of 50-, 100- and 150W stereo amps, as well as 12-16 channel amps with 30 and 50 watts per channel, respectively. 

The SC2-50, SC2-100 and SC2-50 2-channel digital, high current bridgeable stereo amplifiers offer SpeakerCraft’s signature power and stability, according to the company.

Each amplifier channel features an independent level control which should allow users to volume match the rest of the system, as well as limiting the volume to prevent abuse.

On the other hand, the SC12-30 delivers 30 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms and 40 watts per channel RMS into 4 ohms.

It also comes equipped with a BusMatrix selector, which enables installers to assign each channel to a common Left, Right or Mono signal bus, or to a dedicated signal input.

SpeakerCraft believes that by incorporating an ‘advanced PCB construction’ in the BusMatrix that it’ll lead to ‘extremely high’ channel-to-channel isolation.

The last amplifier to ship will be the SC16-50, which is scheduled to go on sale in four to six weeks time.

The SC16-50 is a 16-channel TCP/IP fully configured power amplifier, with a web-based IP configuration utility that provides independent EQ adjustments and volume level for each amplifier channel.

Each of the SC16-50’s eight adjacent speaker output pairs can be configured into a single high power output, which SpeakerCraft claims will enable installers to create up to eight 100-watt channels.

All of SpeakerCraft’s new amplifiers will come with rack mount ears, a removable line chord and a two year limited warranty. 

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